Easy Mode

We’ll create a room, stream to it through OBS, then view the stream through the Pipe testing tool.

Creating the Room

Head over to the Rooms tab under the Pipe page in the Console.

Click “Create Room” in the top right. You’ll be presented with a modal:

For this example, stick to RTMP for the ingest protocol and LLHLS for delivery. You can optionally give the stream a name.

Click Create Room.

Use the button to copy the Ingest Endpoint to your clipboard.

Streaming via OBS

OBS allows you to quickly and easily set up a livestream from your machine. Once downloaded, head over to the “Stream” tab in the Settings page:

For Service, Select Custom.

Paste the Ingest Endpoint you copied above into the Server input. It’ll look something like this:


Copy the last segment (after the /) from the endpoint. This is technically what OBS calls the “Stream Key”. Paste it into Stream Key input, then delete it from the Server input, along with the final /.

Once done, your Stream config should look something like this:

Click OK.

You can now hit the Start Streaming button. You’re now streaming to Pipe!

Advanced Mode

This how-to guide is not complete. Please ask in our Discord if you have any questions.

Before we get started, make sure you obtain a Project Token with “Manage Pipe” permissions from the Console and use it to initialize the Hop SDK.

How to Create Project Tokens