You can find detailed service pricing on this page.

Resources and services you run on Hop are billed based on the number of minutes they are active. You can find the billing details for your project on the Billing page on the Hop console.

Free Tier

Hop offers a free tier for personal projects (the project that gets created for you when you sign up for Hop). This tier is technically a free balance credit of $5.00 USD every month, which can be used to deploy the following resources:

ResourceFree Tier Limit

Regular projects that you create on Hop are not eligible for the free tier and incur costs for all resources you create.

Compute Resource Billing

Like most cloud platforms, Hop bills you for the resources you are allocated while they’re active (e.g. in the Running state), per minute.


For example, let’s say you have a deployment with a single container running on 1 vCPU and 512MB of memory:

vCPU$4.32 / month1 vCPU$4.32
Memory$2.10 / GB / month512MB$1.05

Our total cost for a month of running this deployment would be $5.37 USD.


Each Hop project gets it’s own balance.

A positive balance (above $0) indicates how much you owe to Hop. This automatically gets charged at the end of each payment cycle (monthly, dependant on project creation date). You can also manually top up your balance at any time.

A negative balance (below $0) indicates that you have credit with Hop. This can be used to pay for any future charges your project may incur.

Payment Methods

Payment methods are attached to users rather than projects. You can have multiple payment methods attached to your Hop account, and you can attach them to projects as you wish. You must have Editor permission on a project to attach a payment method to it.

You can manage your payment methods and the projects they’re attached to on the Payment Methods page.