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  • Introduction

Welcome to Hop's API documentation & product overview.

Interfacing with Hop is possible over our REST API, or with prebuilt SDKs for certain supported languages.


We design and produce high quality, reliable and low-latency products meant for the realtime era that we live in today. Our current product line consists of 3 products: Ignite, Pipe and Channels.

Product Summary


Deploy any kind of application. Leave the infrastructure to us.

Ignite provides containers as a service. Think about it like Kubernetes, without the hassle and boilerplate that comes with it. Ignite also offers the option to attach GPUs to your containers.

Ignite overview


Stream anything to Pipe. We'll distribute the stream to your customers in low-latency, worldwide.

Need to stream live video to clients? Think Pipe. From 1 to 1 million live viewers, Pipe will handle the scale for you, no intervention needed.

Pipe overview


Realtime messages & events, delivered in milliseconds.

Realtime, stateful objects that live on the edge. Use them to store realtime data or to send message events to Channel subscribers with a simple call to our SDK. Very configurable and feature-rich; use them to create anything from a realtime stock ticker to a full-featured chat platform.

Channels overview