When using the hop deploy command or GitHub integration, you’re using our registry by default.

Registry hostname: registry.hop.io

Pushing a Docker Image to the Hop Registry

You can push any OCI-compliant image (such as a Docker image) to the Hop Registry. It’s super easy, and will be available to use within your Hop project.

Logging into the Registry

You’ll need Docker installed on your machine to do this.

Obtain a Personal Access Token

To log in to the registry, you’ll have to use a Hop PAT. They can be created from this page on the console (User Settings -> Personal Tokens).

Click on the “Create Token” button in the top right, optionally give it a name such as “Hop Registry” and finally click Create Token within the modal.

It’ll be created and will be shown in the PAT list:

You can use the button to copy the token to your clipboard

Log into the Registry

Execute the following command:

docker login registry.hop.io

When prompted for your username, use your Hop email address.

When prompted for your password, use the PAT that you created in the previous step.

➜  my_cool_project git:(main) docker login registry.hop.io
Username: phin@hop.io
Login Succeeded

Build & Push the Image

When you build your Docker image, make sure you prefix the tag with registry.hop.io/<PROJECT_NAMESPACE>. For example, my project’s namespace is test, so I’ll run the following command to build my container:

docker build -t registry.hop.io/test/my-cool-project:latest

If you don’t know your project’s namespace, you can find it on this page

Once the image is built, I’ll push my image to the Hop Registry with the following command:

docker push registry.hop.io/test/my-cool-project

View the Image

Once your image is pushed, you can view it on the Images tab of Ignite:

That’s it! Your image is now ready to use on Hop. You can use the 3 dots in the top right of the image card to create a deployment directly from the image.