Regions are physical points of presence where you can host and use Hop services. Some Hop products allow you to use multiple regions at once, some automatically utilize all regions.

We anycast one /24 block from all our regions and extra edge points of presence, to provide edge TLS termination and live video distribution:


Region IDLocationHostname BaseSubnet BaseUpstream ISPsPeering
us-east-1Ashburn, VA (DC10)us-east-1.hop.io10.1.0.0/16Cogent, GSL, HE.netIX & PNI available

Peering Policy

We operate an open peering policy with our customers and partners. You can find our PeeringDB here.

IX Peering

If you are present within a shared internet exchange, we’re happy to peer with you - free of charge.

Please reach out to and provide:

  • Your company name & a short description
  • Your ASN
  • The IX location
  • Your IP address on the IX


If you need a dedicated connection to Hop at one of our points of presence, you can purchase a private network interconnect (PNI). This is currently handled at a case-by-case basis, so please reach out to to discuss your requirements. Make sure to provide your preferred port size. We support 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 40Gbps ports at most regions.