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Creating Project Tokens
Using Project Tokens

Creating Project Tokens

You can create project tokens through the Hop console. Navigate to “Project Settings” on the left Sidebar, then “Project Tokens”.

Next, click on “Create Project Token”. You will be presented with a modal:

You can grant permissions to the token so it can only access certain aspects of your project, for extra security.

Once you’ve selected the necessary permissions, click Create Token. It will appear in your list of project tokens.

You can now use the clipboard button to copy this token, and you’re off to the races!

Using Project Tokens

You can use project tokens with our REST API and our server-side SDKs.


import {Hop} from '@onehop/js';

const projectToken = 'ptk_xxx';
const hop = new Hop(projectToken);


When making requests to https://api.hop.io, specify the project token under a HTTP header named authorization. That’s all!