Each Hop project automatically gets assigned it’s own VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and address space. This is a completely private network which is not accessible from the internet - only from resources within your project.

Region Subnetting

Each Hop region that you use within a project gets its own /16 subnet. Even though each region is addressed individually, you can still route traffic between them.


Container Addressing & Internal Gateways

Every container that gets deployed to Hop automatically gets assigned it’s own private IP address. All containers are able to talk to each other using these addresses, however, because containers are usually treated in an ephemeral manner, it’s recommended to use an Internal Gateway to route between services instead of using the container IPs directly. Internal gateways give you an “internal domain” which you can use to dynamically resolve the IP addresses of containers under a specific deployment.

For example, if you had an internal redis deployment which you wanted to connect to from an api deployment, you could create an internal gateway with the internal domain redis.hop and then use the redis://redis.hop hostname to connect to the redis deployment.