Shell Script (Linux, macOS and FreeBSD)

curl -fsSL | sh

Arch Linux

Use your favourite AUR helper to install the package:

# yay example
$ yay -S hop-cli


Install with the Hop Windows Installer 64bit or the Hop Windows Installer 32bit


Once installed, you will be able to use the following command to authenticate the CLI with your Hop account. This will open a browser window to login.

hop auth login

If you want to login to the Hop CLI in a headless environment (e.g. without a browser), then you can provide a Project Token or a PAT using the --token flag.


When first logging in, the CLI will execute commands against your default personal project.

Switching Projects

You can switch projects using the following command:

hop projects switch

This will bring up an interface that allows you to use arrow keys to select a project:

$ hop projects switch
Select a project:
> Bunny's Project           /bunny         project_MjcxMDk5Nzg1MTM1MDYzMTA  2022-06-30T19:25:22.573Z  personal
  Lanyard                   /lanyard       project_MjcxMjgyNDEyMDc2MjM3NDE  2022-06-30T20:37:56.722Z  regular
  ganyu                     /ganyu         project_MzAzNjU3MDkyNDI4MDYyODY  2022-07-09T19:02:29.251Z  regular              /hopvideo      project_MzA4ODY2MzcxNjEyNzEzMjY  2022-07-11T05:32:28.145Z  regular

You can also use hop projects switch <namespace> to perform the switch directly.

Project override flag

You can specify --project on any Hop CLI command to override the currently selected project for the current command.


Use hop help to view a full list of command categories. You can also use hop <category> help for a list of commands within a category.