Hop allows developers to quickly and easily deploy their code and start serving traffic to the masses without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

As a deployment platform, we’ve created developer-friendly abstractions that offer extensive visibility and control, freeing developers from the complexities of solutions such as Kubernetes. We allow you to deploy straight from GitHub or Docker Hub with no configuration needed, as well as providing presets for popular services such as Redis, Postgres and more.


Install the CLI

Install the Hop CLI to manage your deployments from the command line



Connect your codebase. All languages and environments are supported. Focus on your product, leave the infrastructure to us.

Ignite overview

Ignite provides containers as a service. Think about it like Kubernetes, without the hassle and boilerplate that comes with it. Ignite also offers the option to attach GPUs to your containers.


Realtime messages & events, delivered globally in milliseconds.

Channels overview

Realtime, stateful objects that live on the edge. Use them to store realtime data or to send message events to Channel subscribers with a simple call to our SDK. Very configurable and feature-rich; use them to create anything from a realtime stock ticker to a full-featured chat platform.