Client Side
JS Client SDK


The JS Client SDK is hosted on NPM under @onehop/client.


npm i @onehop/client


yarn add @onehop/client

Initializing the SDK

Find your project ID on this page.

import {hop} from '@onehop/client';

// hop.init should be called as early as possible in your application's lifecycle

	projectId: 'project_xxx', // replace with your project ID

Subscribing to a unprotected channel

Unprotected channels allow anyone to connect as long as they know the channel id. You can learn more about types of channels on this page.

import {hop} from '@onehop/client';

const instance = hop.init({projectId: ''});

// Subscribe this client to a channel

instance.on('STATE_UPDATE', data => {
	console.log(`Look at all those chickens`, data.state);

Send a message to a channel

import {hop} from '@onehop/client';

const instance = hop.init({projectId: '', token: ''});

instance.sendMessage('votes', 'add', 1);
instance.sendMessage('public-chat', 'kashcafe', {
	user: 'Kashall',
	message: 'This is a message!',