Channels cannot be created by frontend clients. You must use our server-side SDKs or API to create them. This reference assumes you have already set up the Hop server-side SDK.

Creating a Channel

// Import your Hop SDK instance
import { hop } from ".";

// Import the ChannelType enum from Hop sdk
import { ChannelType } from "@onehop/js";

// Create a channel with the ID "group_chat_1"
const channel = await hop.channels.create(
  // Channel Type; either: "unprotected", "public", or "private"
  // Channel ID; leave this field as null if you want an auto-generated ID

Creating a Channel with some Initial State

import { hop } from ".";
import { ChannelType } from "@onehop/js";

// Create a channel with the ID "group_chat_2" and some initial state
const channel = await hop.channels.create(
  // Creation Options
    // Initial Channel state object
    state: {
      name: "Group Chat",
      my_custom_value: 123,

Channel Types

Private channels allow you to individually grant tokens access to channels, either by calling a method from the server-side SDK or by responding to a webhook call when tokens try to subscribe, which you can set up on the Channels console page

Public channels allow any leap token to join them, given they’re authenticated under your project and know the channel ID.

Unprotected channels allow anyone to join them, even if they’re not authenticated with a token, given they know the channel ID