Hop partners with GitHub through the GitHub Secret Scanning program. This allows GitHub to scan your repositories for Hop secrets and tokens that may have been accidentally committed.

If GitHub finds a secret or token that has been committed, they automatically notify us which then causes our systems to revoke the token. This is done to prevent any malicious use of the token.

What to do next

You cannot use the previous token. You can find the token that was revoked by clicking the GitHub link within the email you received. You can generate a new token using the Hop Console.

You can identify the type of token that was revoked by looking at the token prefix (the lowercase characters before the last underscore).

Token Types

These are the types of tokens that are scanned and can be revoked.

Token PrefixToken Type
pat_Personal Access Token
ptk_Project Token
bearer_Hop user token, you will need to sign into Hop again